About 'Inspired by...' :
This Visual Arts & Design blog is where I share whatever I find inspiring, interesting or simply beautiful in arts, crafts, design & interiors. It includes regular interviews with practicing artists & designers, tutorials, studio tours, events & competitions and exhibition reviews.
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About Helena:
Helen Stead is a Visual Arts student at the University of Salford, currently in her second year. Her work combines a variety of mediums including textiles, mixed media, collage, photography and stitch. Old books, memories, photographs, love letters, diaries and postcards are what excite her most.
She has previously studied Fashion/Textiles, Modern History and English Literature and these subjects also still influence her art work.
As well as being an Art Student she is involved with various projects outside of the University. She has recently been given the job of writing fortnightly articles for The Art Room. She also works as a cultural ambassador for Aesthetica Magazine. Away from the Art side of things she is also currently involved with a range of business and enterprise projects such as SIFE and Creative Enterprise Futures which focuses on cultural regeneration of urban areas.